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A replica very devgru

If anything is clear it is that G & P likes everything that has to do with the Navy SEAL us too. It is something that gives a very fardón air to all your replicas and is not going to be less.

To the Rapid Fire they have injected the spirit of excellence that characterizes the SEALs trying to offer the best, be the best… And believe us, it manages to convey. From the performance shutter agile handling provided by us.

This G&P model it comes with a standard silencer increases power by 25%.

If anything there is to talk in terms of the outside silencer is it that comes equipped with the AEG. At first glance it may seem a normal muffler but we soon realize that no. This silencer carries an inner tube which is attached to the replica own making to increase by 25% the power of our AEG.

The body is completely of metal, which gives the reply a feeling of robustness that we love for its realism, seems unbreakable. And if we add the labels it brings it becomes a very sugarcane replica.

This model has a gearbox v.2 as expected in M4 which pleasantly surprised us it is that the walls thicker in areas experiencing greater stress performance are. And while soft is strong because it takes 8mm bearings which have less friction to the rotation of the gears.

-  Has a type M120 spring (400 FPS).

- The spring guide is not only metal but comes with bearings to improve the torsion spring.

- The gears are made of steel and are of high quality.

- The cylinder head is of plastic components and comes with aluminum nozzle.

- The engine, although not a part of the gearbox, is noteworthy because it is a Hi-Speed ​​M120 G&P.

If the G&P M4 fall in love to airsofters even before the test in this model have achieved all that we tried let's meet with his mouth open. Because in addition to the combination of external and internal quality in this replica have ensured that the muffler has a really functional role and that its presence felt.

It is allowing us to have a short replica ideal for CQB and put the silencer to go out and play in the open field and have the extra power we need. Enhance this? Very difficult, but you know… "The last easy day was yesterday."