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Specna Arms gets into the Camouflage car

The Specna Arms SA-A03 carbine with A-TACS Foliage camouflage is made mostly of a homogeneous alloy of aluminum and zinc with some key parts (screws, metal straps hitch, etc) made of metal. The stock and pistol grip are made of durable plastic polymer. RIS body and have been anodized, polished and painted ensuring greater resistance to corrosion and abrasion. In the body of the weapon can be seen authentic markings of the USMC.

The replica is perfectly assembled in a way that could previously only seen in high-end replicas and optimal balance ensures excellent maneuverability that makes sense of weight virtually disappears once it rests on the shoulder.

The quick change spring Enter & ConvertTM allow to change the mainspring of the replica in a few seconds using a screwdriver. This allows to adapt the power and speed of firing the weapon to the requirements of any field without the need for specialized tools or go through the workshop.

The internal mechanisms have been adapted to operate with LiPo and LiFe battery type. With a power shot series of 410fps it is perfect for shooting halfway, but if the mainspring is replaced by the M90 ​​that the shutter speed is attached in the box is reduced to about 310fps allowing use in operations short or inside buildings.

The replica is equipped with a set of front RIS 22mm, ejector functional window seal (Boltcatch) and retractable stock. The top view of integrated RIS has iron which can be dismantled and replaced by different types of look and targeted systems. The stock has a rubber recoil pad and can be adjusted for a more comfortable use. The muzzle has a thread size of 14mm anti-clockwise to the fitting silencers.


Length: 765mm - 798mm

Barrel length: 290mm

Weight: 2580g

Body: Reinforced Plastic / Metal

Action: Power

Speed: 400fps / 310fps

Charger: 300 bbs

Hop up: Adjustable