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Polish special forces in action

Many times we talk about the US special forces, the SAS English, the Russians Spetznaz… all of them are well known, however other countries have special forces teams with high levels of preparation such as Poland.

Here you can see a video of an action of training from a team of Polish special forces.

The Jednostka Wojskowa Komandosów (Military Unit Komandosów) formerly known as 1 PULK Specjalny Komandosów 1 PSK (1st Special Commando Regiment) is one of the five special operations forces currently in operation with the military structure of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland; Polish Special Forces (Wojska Specjalne Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej).

Due to the high demands of the special selection and training program that the regiment implemented some years ago the soldiers of the unit show a high level of skills and professionalism, compared to other Polish forces. The troops are trained to carry out various kinds of special missions during the war, crisis and in peacetime being able to conduct an air assault operations by helicopter and parachute (including operations HAHO and HALO) operations tactical reconnaissance and strategic, raids, ambushes, combat diving, underwater attack missions, providing support to other specialized units during hostage rescue operations and other missions that were necessary.

The JWK (previously 1 PSK) is a fully professional force composed of selected and highly trained soldiers. The Regiment, together with the GROM unit and Jednostka Działań Specjalnych Morska (Marine Unit for Special Operations) are the special operations forces of Poland.

Enjoy it!