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The HSG NVG Counterbalance Pouch is designed specifically for people who use night vision goggles battery. The package comes with steel plates to give the user an additional weight of slightly less than 0.4 gr. When combined with the battery and battery of the total weight of the counter can be equal to about 0.7 gr.

The counterweight design helps keep the helmet stable and prevent the helmet from falling forward. Moreover, unlike other counterweights on the market, the counterweight pouch does not prevent use of the battery NVG.

This pouch is designed for the user to continue using the button on and off the night vision and facilitate changing the batteries without removing the battery or bag. In addition, it is carrying three small bags that can be used to store survival equipment, batteries and other necessities.

It has included a panel with a hook on the back of the bag to adhere to the back of the helmets as well as two elastic tabs that adhere to the side of the hull to help keep the bag in place.