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You have seen a magazine inside?

The PTS Enhanced Polymer Magazine or EPM for short is a Mid-Cap magazine for AEGs PTS polymer.

Outwardly it has a Dupont Zytel polymer casing with recessed panels for better grip and unique guides to avoid snagging the charger when going to remove the pouch (which helps a lot) and place in it.

The detail of the window where we can see the bullets decorated with props, not only to see it. One of the things that strikes us is that when the charger is full of bbs that window will see an orange indicator will indicate that the charger has bbs. Conversely, if the window does not see the device, we know that no bbs in the charger so we have to make the loader bb. This will also serve us when we fill the magazine, as we indicated when it reaches full capacity.

The bottom has a remarkable detail and we want to mention to you as PTS has designed an angled surface and rubberized so we can support the AEG on any flat platform with greater stability and better traction.

This charger Mid-Cap has a capacity for 150 bbs.