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The minute ghillie

EMERSON Lightweight Assault Ghillie

Ghillies are garments that resemble an environment foliage to camouflage it. The disadvantage they have is that they tend to accumulate a lot of heat and can become quite heavy.

But before that we find clothing that fits us like this in a pouch charger and that we can put in less than a minute.

This is a hooded cloak and sleeves that generates a similar effect which comes in two parts so that we can do without the back if for example we carry a backpack trip.

With this we can bring our usul kit and use this ghillie for missions where we become invisible to the contrary.

But what it means 'ghillie'?

This Anglo-Saxon term that today has been internationalized to describe a type of dress was born ghille Scottish dialect which means 'boy, servant', referring to those young men who prevented fishing and poaching in Scotland Preserves.

The first thing that is known about the use of ghillie suit or ghillie suit as such by a military unit goes back to World War II and was employed by a British unit handles called Lovat Scouts.

Anyway, there is evidence that in World War soldiers were used materials from the tailoring them to their best clothes so confused with the environment.