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The revolver become sniper

The carbine revolver WinGun 'Hear Wolf' closes the gap between the rifle and pistol. With all the power and reliability is in alignment WinGun.

The Hear Wolf improves this original design by adding a longer barrel which improves accuracy, power and range an integrated 20mm rail mounting mounting optical sights or red dots.

It included with the package a bipod low profile polymer, a laser aiming module and a conversion kit to change your configuration carbine, revolver in a standard configuration.


- It designed as a chaperone provides better range, accuracy, power and stability

- Upper front rail that allows you to mount any type of optical sight

- Ergonomic handle

- Included bipod provides a stable shooting platform

- The laser module provides a quick reference target takes

- Co2 system

- Dimensions: 990mm x 150mm

- Speed: 530-600 FPS (Measured w / 0.20 g BBs and Co2)

- Charger: 6 rounds

- Compatible with WG / Dan Wesson revolver cartridges 6mm

- HopUp

- Gun, cartridges 12x, bipod, and laser manufacturer's manual: WinGun