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AK airsoft with real pieces?

E&L is a manufacturer of parts for real weapons that was passed to airsoft applying its expertise to produce excellent Airsoft replicas with a quality rarely seen in the industry and a very realistic and close to real firearms finishes.


To this E&L uses steels and plastics very similar quality and adapted machinery for Airsoft, which externally, the maximum possible number of elements was done as a 1:1 copy of the original, fully in accordance with military specifications. This means that in theory you can even exchange items between the replica and the real weapon.

In addition, using steel, the wear process that occurs over time causes worn or rusted surfaces are much better than what happens with firearms painted or varnished.

Also in terms of weight everything was done to ensure realism. The replica is heavy and a cannon full foreign steel ensures a proper balance.


- Steel Body

- Hop Up: Yes

- Weight: 3.600 gr.

- Length: 899 mm.

- Canyon precision 6.04

- Charger: Mid Cap 100 bb.

- Engine: Ak SUPERTORQUE type M170

- Shooting Modes: Safe / Semi / Auto

- New reinforced gearbox bearings 9 mm

- Guide spring bearings

- Sprockets CNC reinforced

- Air nozzle with O-ring Seal

- Reinforced piston with 3 steel teeth

- Silenced piston head

- Low resistance wiring Silver