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Do you like the Smith&Wesson?

This Smith&Wesson has a shooting mode semi-automatic, a large inner cylinder 15 mm. gauge and Full Metal charger capacity 25 BBs. The aim is hybrid system and operates according to external lighting, thanks to fluorescent elements work well in dark places, but not last too long about 2 minutes will be the dwell time of the fluorescent elements once loaded.

New 0'20 Magazine is available!

The land is very accomplished finish and the handle is very ergonomic and entire gun reflects the quality Tokyo Marui standard, and also come as supplied with this airsoft 3 gun grips covers of different sizes so that you can adapt to your tastes.

A imprived feature and is above of many airsoft guns, including some of the very Tokyo Marui, is that the adjustment of Hop-Up is accessible finally through the ejection port without disassembly. To access you need only slide the slide back, make the adjustment and return the slide to its original position.


· Manufacturer: Tokyo Marui

· Hop-Up: Adjustable

· Weight: 625 g

· Capacity: 25 + 1 BBs

· Model: M & P 9 V-Custom GBB

· Shooting mode: Semi-automatic