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What happened to the AEK-999 A&K?

For quite some time (almost two years) the news spread by an alleged brochure A&K in which seemed to confirm that the brand was developing the AEK-999 and the PKP.

The actual PKP is a non-removable modernized version of Russian PK machine gun with a heavy barrel, air-cooled radial grooves and upper handle. El PKM and went some time ago:

But… What happened to the AEK-999?

The AEK-999 is another modernized version of the PKM incorporating an outer polymer, a folding bipod and an optional sonic suppressor.

Following the launch of A&K PKM, reported ACM Airsoft airsoft forum and reenactment Eastern bloc 'Red Alliance' that had begun research and development of the PKP, although not yet officially announced.