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The rifle of Special Forces

Acronym of Special Forces Combat Assault Rifle it's a modular rifle designed and manufactured by the company armaments Fabrique Nationale de Herstal (FN) for the Special Operations Command of US (SOCOM).

There are several versions of the rifle including the SCAR-L version or light gauge 5.56mm SCAR-H and heavy-gauge version or 7.62mm.

Scar replica made by VFC to CYBERGUN, FN Herstal officially licensed and original markings. Scar L VFC MK16 is manufactured with high quality.


- Aluminium upper body

- Lower body of high strength polymer-system front and rear view folding and folding and adjustable stock in 6 positions

- Total length: 852mm

- Weight: 3100g

- Caliber: 6mm

- Charger capacity 300bbs type M4

- Length 380mm inner barrel

- Inner barrel diameter: 6.04mm

- Output speed of 400fps with 0.20g ball approx.

- CNC Machined Gearbox

- Motor high speed 30000rpm

- CNC Rail System