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Better camouflaged than an Ent in a forest


It's not the first time that I test a combat ghillie. The first thing I did when I heard our disposal of these elements camouflage was me quickly with a couple of models and of course, take them to the field to test them properly.

The GHILLIE WOODLAND by DELTA TACTICS comes presented as his twin brother DESERT color in a bag in Woodland/Desert digital camouflage respectively.

Inside the bag, we find the three pieces that make up the suit, trousers, a jacket and a 'cap' with their fringes.

Things I found interesting, there is a relatively quick way to get the ghillie, because, come inside out to make it more comfortable transport with open buttons that close the end of the pants (like the old tracksuits), we get both feet in their respective place and then upload it without related complications. The same applies to the jacket, in which it is preferable to put his fists while upside down and get them on the right as you put the ghillie.

Once dress like an 'Ent', what remains is to test camouflage in an area under forest and little closed, obviously the goal is to see as blurs the profile of the shooter at a distance of 'airsoft' and even closer than that it could be, without falling into the 'I hide so that's will NOT never find me' and thanks to the amazing camouflage I wear.

As you can see from the pictures, it is relatively easy to disappear in a minimally thick forest. The images we take in an area with much green moss and enough light, and thus is easier to locate the shooter but we are of course talking about that at a distance of less than 5-7.5 meters.

The human form of the user/operator/ent is completely lost, therefore, as soon as you get in a protected and shot airsoft sniper rifle, the positive effect increases exponentially position.

As a side note, we must remember that ghillies are not valid for all environments, you must know where you are going to deploy and as you are going to use. The GHILLIE WOODLAND by Tactics Delta has characteristics that allow its use in forest areas with low abundance of brambles, since the threads that make up the suit are thin, but sturdy.

One recommendation, once we deploy us, we do with leaves and branches in the area, and included in the suit shooter himself, by placing the system R.T.S. That comes to be, rub on the floor full of branches and leaves, watch out for the mines that are in the field.

As a note, you must not forget that your rifle shooter also has a recognizable shapes and colors at a distance. Here we have the option of getting one of the GHILLIES for rifle in camouflage WOODLAND/DESERT by Delta Tactics so that we will fully operational.

And finally, some advice. Remember that the most important thing is the attitude, if you hope to run through the woods as if estuvieseis playing some shooter… you shall not be more than a great and noisy white, patience and silence they are everything when you're a 'Airsoft Sniper'.

Greetings to all and enjoy your GHILLIES.

Text: Airsoft Ru Pomar

Photography: Airsoft Ru Pomar