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The Czech assault rifle is coming in airsoft

The CZ 805 BREN is a Czech assault rifle created in 2006 to substitute the vz.58 in the Military Forces of the Czech Republic. Also the rifle is rivaling to replace the vz.58 in the Military Forces of the Slovak Republic.



The assault rifle CZ 805 was introduced and presented for the first time to the public in 2009, like a possible future replacement of the assault rifle SA Vz.58 still in use by the Czech Military Forces, and it had appeared for the first time during the Exposition IDEB 2010 in Bratislava, Slovakia.



ASG has a predilection with the Czech factory and this time, they bring this CZ 805 Bren, the unique one in the airsoft universe. We find it in two versions: the long version (A1) and the short version (A2)

It includes a foldable butt in need of carrying the replica in a more reduce and a more compact way.  Moreover, it contains a superior ris in the guard, and also in the lateral and the inferior parts of the guard.

Barrel length:375mm/inch
Mag. Capacity:550 rounds
Hop Up Type:Adjustable
Energy:1,4 Joule