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A gun with the essence of 3 gun

The time has come, you prepare, relax the neck, arms, move your fingers… and hand flies alone to the waist, pulls out the gun as if it were part of a dance has already shot targets before finishing music.

Whether you're in the middle of a milsim event, a tour of IPSC or proof of '3 gun'. In essence it is the same, only the precision and care for these occasions is what people APS has spent 9 hard months of research and development. Not to fail.

Why is it significant?

- Hikes fiber optic 1

- Log lightened 2

- Dual tone silver / black 3

- Rear high rail supports RMR 4

- Dynamic Slide 5 Release catch

- Insurance trigger 6

- Omni magwell 7

- Cleanup resized charger 8

- Lower Rail 20 mm 9

- Threaded for silencer Canyon 10

Don't get the three points

The highs are made of fiber optic in different colors to quickly align the red dot between the green. Moreover, being fiber optic light any minimal help facilitating highlighting aim. And but we can always replace the rear by a rail APS (not included) which are assembling mini reddots (RMR).

Sliding with personality

The lightweight design of the slide has openings in the front left visible the inner barrel with some models aftertaste Salient Arms. It also has a 'silder cover' with the logo of the model that we can alternate with other marketed APS.

A nearly Glock

The replica has the lines of a Glock but the trigger is entirely different. Lacks trigger lock 'Safe action' security system feature the rocker lever in the center. A change has a safe mode pin can only build if the replica is cocked.

Gas charger or CO2?

The model is compatible with gas and CO2, in both cases we are dealing with a charger of 23 balls. With a bottle of CO2 we can shoot an average of 68 balls 345 FPS, while a gas charge to an average of 57 is reduced to 258 FPS, provided with balls 0.20g of course and in a room at 19° C.

Turning the CO2

It has a patented design that enhances gasification. The most obvious is that the cylinder is inserted upside down.