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Who misses metal?

Claustrophobia to feel surrounded and not knowing which side you will come out the enemy. The adrenaline of combat at short distances. Perceptual increase in every way for any sign that reveals the contrary. All these feelings come together in a unique cocktail we can enjoy alone in a CQB.


Who misses metal?

LT 595 Design

- This series mounted a short handguard (7 ") type S.I.R. (Selective Integration Rail) that as the original ARMS Inc., is coupled to the upper rail of the body of the reply.

- Also repeats the pistol grip with curved back that makes it more comfortable grip for our wrists, and finger position marked heart for a more intuitive in the transition from primary to secondary replica grip.

- The increasers are removable and folding. The system is not fully automatic, which is not convenient to activate / deactivate intuitively in combat, but are still functional.

- Although the selector is not ambidextrous shot, placemarks yes they are. Another element with oblique against the cocking lever bands are characteristic of this series.



This gearbox mounted high-performance components to withstand increased effort required recoil system. Thus it leads:

- Gearbox: This version 2 features a more robust to better withstand the power of body movement. To this also it helps that it is made of aluminum, stronger than calamine.

- Bearings: We will not see the balls because it is sealed bearings 8 millimeters that make gears rotate smoothly.

- Gears: To better transmit force the gears are designed with wider teeth. Likewise the piston gear has a single tooth height, and the motor gear and the motor have helical teeth.
- Engine: Is a HiTorque with a longer body than the normal M4 but the final height is the same, highlights the helical teeth to better convey movement.

Functional Boltcatch

The replica has a functional boltcatch what will keep open the ejection so we can graduate the hop-up. This is the type of G36, a trend in M4 because they are easier to regulate than 3 gear. The barrel is precision (6'03 mm) and has a length of 180 mm.

Blowback and Gen. K recoil

The realism in this model is not limited to blowback (movement of the sheet in the ejection) but also includes a rescaled BAW recoil system (gen. K, Kurz -Short or compacto-), adapted to the small tube the cylinder head.

The system is the same as in other BAW only that the spring is more compressed and the counterweight is almost three times smaller to fit in the small space. Although even and that the backspin with each shot is still very similar to his older brothers.