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SR-3M of LCT

The SR-3 VIKHR real (СР-3 Вихрь in Russian) is a rifle Russian assault firing subsonic ammunition 9x39mm, developed by the Central Institute building precision machinery, or TsNIITochMash, was designed in the early 90s, based on the AS Val muted. Improving the original model with such original ideas as incorporating a front fist in the forearm and the incorporation of a thread to attach a silencer (or more an exhaust pipe diameter seeing the same…).


The model which LCT presents, could say that at the level of finishes, it is the rolls royce of the AS VAI family in the world of airsoft, and the choice of making this model will surely come in very strong in the world airsoft Russian side (MP5 could be considered the airsofters Ruskys).

The exterior finish is simply perfect, all elements are made of steel or FRP (fiber reinforced plastic) giving a feeling of unimaginable hardness. Llama much attention butt welds, giving that touch "tough" full replica. Note that this model doesn't carry blowback, so fashionable lately.


Entering the replica, we found a gear with ball (if I put it in capital letters that these if they are the same as large bearings) 9mm, ensuring long life muuuuy. Another important thing, ALL nuts and bolts of the gearbox is steel, being indestructible.

The Pneumatic assembly, little can be criticized, having a compression almost be too, making a perfect seal. The piston head has double seal, but not fine no, if not all some ladies together, which helps the tightness of the whole, and fully ventilated head made of aluminum. It also carries the two spring bearings (one in the guide, this metal, and another in the piston head itself). All this gives us a power of 320-340 fps chrono.

On the mechanical side, it is surprising the engine, which reaches 22.000rpm, freely moving gears (all manufactured by LCT), with a setting that is rarely found. All it lubricated with lithium grease high temperature (and its exact amount). Which ensures availability of decent quality replica inside.