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Expressions and terms in combat

It is crucial to simplify communication with the new terms / acronyms. We have created a list of short codes that are associated with the action of the coalition troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. For each term expression and added brief explanations and translations.

Soldier killed in combat. Usually, the term used by some health professionals, such as doctors battle.

Battlefield Airmen
Designation on the battlefield for members of the Air Force Special Operations (AFSOC). Your task is to rescue downed pilots, ensuring control of the battlefield, weather reports. The term is relatively new, although the Airmens perform their duties for years.

Forward Operating Base.

FOB Taxi
The vehicle never leaves the FOB spaces.

Green Zone
Heavily guarded area in central Baghdad, which is located several important buildings of the old regime. It is often known as the safest place in Iraq. Located in many state institutions and diplomatic missions in certain countries.

Inside a wire
The term applies to the appointment of a perimeter of the American base.

Haji mart
Any small shop selling things that Iraqis sold to foreigners.

Operation Enduring Freedom

Outside the wire
The area outside the FOB, a security perimeter.

Provincial Reconstruction Team. Usually civilian workers who are there to coordinate the work and provide humanitarian assistance.

Red on red
Friendly fire from enemy forces, the enemy fire on the enemy. Phenomenon usually in Iraq.