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The new generation of Polish tanks

Poland continues to develop an ambitious tanks 'stealth' new generation PL-01, invisible infrared missile through a mesh of thermal tiles that temperature change to match the environmental.

The concept of this car armored fighting (PL-01) developed by the company OBRUM in collaboration with BAE Systems was presented at the International Exhibition of Defence Industry in September.

One of the main advantages of PL-01, which reaches speeds up to 70 mph on paved roads and 50 mph on rough terrain, can be their great mobility combined with high firepower and a modern control system fire.

The PL-01 is a lightweight, feature tank that could be offset in part by the location of the engine compartment at the front of the vehicle, and the extensive use of equipment of active defense and protection system antimissile active able to detect and destroy anti-tank missiles, as well as a system of identification friend or foe.

Besides the installation of special seats for crew it plans to minimize the physical effects of nearby explosions.