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This gun has been made mostly of steel and an alloy of zinc and aluminum. Only the head containing the battery, the protector, charger and pistol grip are made of polymer.

The bipod is folded along the barrel and can be removed with little effort if necessary lighten the replica. The stock can also be folded to more easily transport the replica.

The inner barrel with 455mm provides a great shooting accuracy and scope to 420fps. Hop up chamber is made entirely of metal with a steel reinforced gearbox with 7mm bearings, gears and piston head of steel, M125 spring and spring guide bearings reinforced.

Its high capacity magazine (800bbs) ensures an inexhaustible supply of ammunition for the shootings. As a bonus, this replica can be used with classic boots, so you can use this weapon as a gun if necessary or ask your partner shippers if the shooting too hard. This is therefore a perfect replica to support any team Airsoft.

In this video you will see more in detail the CM052: