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It's really important camouflage in airsoft?

According to Wikipedia "Military camouflage is the ability by which an object goes unnoticed in the eyes of a soldier or enemy vehicle, blending in with the surrounding environment. It can also mimic uniform through natural or artificial weeds, such as mud, snow, branches, etc."

In the airsoft 'battles' are not very far distances, these little tricks will serve to camouflage the opposite and not find us.

When camouflage, with good technique, the entire environment can be transformed quickly into a perfect hideaway.

We must consider many factors when choosing the right camouflage, like the color of the environment, texture, shine ... Besides ambient noise will also help us when to camouflage before nuestos opponents. Also very important you should be comfortable in the field.

Try disappear into the landscape, mimics the colors of your environment. If you are not well camouflaged, it will be very easy to discover yourself, so choose your clothes and equipment correctly.

The color helps a lot but if your not imitate the texture of your surroundings can find. Use everything at your fingertips, branches, leaves, mud and disappears in nature.

Don't shine:
Hide any object that can produce light or reflect it, even our own sweat on the face could cause us glare and reflections. You know few kilometers away one can see a light of a clock in the dark?

When you go you take good care of silence, keep in mind that walking on dry leaves or move a simple nylon bag can give you away. If you can not avoid noise, try to conceal or cover them with sounds that sound natural.


Remember that no one should know you were there. Footprints much can be deduced from the number of people and even the approximate weight. There are many techniques to avoid leaving fingerprints, the simplest is to delete a branch. But you can also paste leaves your sole and thus conceal it.

Hiding is very important, but also protect yourself if you discover. Camouflage is effective for you not see, but better if you can also protect you.

Don't leave any evidence on the ground. Try not to forget anything that might suggest you were there.

Remember: you have a goal. As much as the position you find yourself hide and protect you, if not let you act quickly and accurately, your work will not be of much use.