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Is the 1911 the most replicated gun in airsoft?

The 1911 is one of the most replicated in the airsoft guns, perhaps because it is a classic among real guns, perhaps because it offers many forms of presentation is that we can customize almost as we want.

But for very popular it sure that there are five curiosities you didn't know or maybe yes?


On May 6 1911 the Colt and Savage were submitted to an endurance test in which both fired 6,000 shots in batches of 100. The Colt had not a single interruption; his rival, 37. He was born a myth: The M1911 Colt Automatic Pistol Cal.45. 


This gun has accompanied the American infant in the two world wars, in Korea and Vietnam, and has probably been the weapon most copied in history.


His "retirement" of the American army, in 1985, by the Beretta 92F, a NO American weapon in a controversial contest that shook the foundations of that proud nation, nothing was forgotten.


In 1924 discreetly it changed its shape to facilitate drawn out. In this configuration it remained in use until 1985 and even today is still used due to its high stopping power


There are only two countries that were possessors of licenses granted by COLT factory to manufacture them within their respective countries. These were Norway and Argentina. The first was manufacturing licensee of the Colt M1911 pistol was called in Norway M1914 and Argentina manufacturing the M1911 A1 there was designated Colt Model 1927 or Model 1927 system.