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Do you know this AEG rusky style?

Although there are various models of replica weapons from eastern countries such as AK and SVD, there are others who until now could only be built using conversion kits or workshops. Among the latter we can find the VSS brand that we present here. Used between Russian special operations troops 80s for its compact size and shooting efficiency. One of the most interesting points of this rifle was the gun had a silencer integrated why was one of the favorite choices among groups given special operations missions in difficult conditions.

This is a rifle for multipurpose select handle thanks to its compact and manageable, as the original weapon design, which allows it to be used without problems both long distances and short, thereby adjusting to the needs of the field.

This replica is very well assembled and mounted, so it transmits an impeccable sense of strength. It has the main body, the barrel of one piece and integral silencer hallmark of this weapon, made of metal. Game has a view of adjustable iron, but any look can be added if a side rail is mounted. The forearm and head are made of reinforced polymer grainy texture matte black for the first and imitation wood for the second.

Although they have different structures, this replica has certain similar to the AK rifles that make any user of the latter note certain familiarity and feel like a fish in water when using a VSS features.

It has a lever arm that if he pulls it exposes the hop up and lets you access and manipulate it. Said chamber, made of polymer, is very reliable AK type. The inner barrel is 428 mm and 6.04mm in diameter. On the right side you have a mode selector very similar to those used in the AK replicas, which allows switching between simple and automatic shooting fire.

To insert or remove the battery Stick type inside, you must remove the rubber butt plate, bolted with two screws.

What will we find in the mirror? It heart is a gearbox AK V.3. The gearbox is secured with steel bearings 7 mm. The piston is made of durable nylon. It comes standard with a M120 spring that allows you to reach 390 FPS. All this results in a strong machinery and well assembled with high quality parts, which are in turn a good basis for future modifications.