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Do you know the night viewer by Delta Tactics?


Do you know the night viewer Delta Tactics?


The binocular viewer DELTA TACTICS is a twin tube night vision device designed for recreational observation at close range in low light. This night vision allows the operator to keep both eyes on the target, giving a depth of field significantly better than with a monocular viewer. The viewer does not have increases but each lens can be individually adjusted to focus on objects from 100cm. Lens 20mm f / 1.2 offers a viewing angle of 39° perfect for watching activities outdoors.

The light intensifier tube first generation provides a typical resolution of 36 lp / mm and includes an electronic system that turns off the display to protect the eyes at high luminosity. The system integrates an infrared emitter which increases the range of vision can use the viewer in complete darkness.

The product includes:

- Box

- Manual

- Night Viewer

- Strap for use as binoculars

- Carrying bag

- Tubo: Gen I

- Increases: 1x

- Diameter Lens (mm): 20

Resolution (Lines per mm): 36

- Campo Of view (degrees): 39

- Bug Diopters (dpt) ± 5

- Multiple coating optic

Scope (M): 100

- Effective IR Distance (m): 100

- Battery: CR123A 3V

- System off excess luminosity

- Tripod Mount: 1/4

- Weight (g): 500

- Infrared Flashlight

- Covers for lenses