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M81 WOODLAND a classic for our games

All airsofter from start to play until one day I just left spends a lot of time choosing their equipment. So when we are asked to look for in a kit we say we like it "tacticool". That is, besides find it helpful to / comfortable / effective game, then saw us playing with it… say "fuck how cool" (forgive us the expression).

So every time that we have to write about what's new Emerson we can not help thinking that the closest thing to visit the Valhalla (paradise warriors) for a airsofter must be visiting your showroom, with all its deployed catalog.


The original piece that replicates the combat shirt was designed to be worn under the vest. So the chest and back are made of cotton, more soft, breathable, and prevents chafing.

And yet the sleeves are from NYCO RIPSTOP more resistant to friction drag without deterioration both RIPSTOP. Although if we roll up to the "Special Force" excel protections elbow pads so in these cases we recommend removing them first.


- Breathable

- Zippered

- Removable elbows

- Textile reinforced elbows

- Pockets with Velcro closure

- Velcro patches

- 50% Polyester / 50% Cotton

- Velcro


Woodland was created in '81 for the US military (armed forces) and today still in use among both military and among airsofters. Crye Precision developed his combat uniform this camouflage at the request of the MARSOC (now Marine Raiders) to go unnoticed when deployed alongside Afghan troops wore uniforms of this pattern.

Although among airsofters is also popular, in addition to the wearer, because it works well in most forested areas we can find.