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What more would you expect from LCT?

The Vityaz of LCT is amazing by itself. But for those who don’t know it, we would say that it is the MP5 of the AKs, even if the history is longer and trickier, for sure it gives you an idea.


And today, LCT launches a complement which makes it even more interesting: a new hand-guard with RIS in order to couple it with a torch or an anpeq.

If you want to ask for it in your usual shops, it is called the "PK-299 AK-9 Tactical Lower Handguard". And the most interesting is that this hand-guard is compatible with lots of other replicas of LCT like:

STK-74 / TKMS / MG-MS / LCKS74 / LCKM / LCK74 / LCKMS / AIMS / G-03 / G-04 / TIMS / AIM Carbine / TK102 / TK105 / LCK105 / LCK104 / TK104 / LCK74MN / LCKMMS / LCKM Economy / LCK74M / LCKS74M.

Trick: it is also compatible with the TX-5 / LCKM-63 / AMD65 with some little modifications ;)