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Transparent crystals, yellow or smoked?

Wiley X GUARD is a lightweight low profile system that provides heavy-duty protection along with unmatched versatility. Their shatterproof lenses are assembled / disassembled easily robust structure of the Black Mate, to provide the perfect solution for the changing needs of enthusiasts hunting and shooting sports.

It has two lenses although once proven in game check does not affect the view they offer.

- Transparent lenses transmit maximum light to the eye. They are ideal to play night or low light games. Although it took a few seconds to change by the sun and take advantage of the glasses in events over 12h.

- We can put a tape to better fit the glasses to the head or a line of transport to avoid losing the glasses if we remove them after the game.

Lenses are scratch resistant thanks to the T-ShellTM of Wiley X. So technology will resist better the impacts of bbs or branches, lengthening the time that we use.

- The pins are not adjustable but its end is protected with rubber which makes them more comfortable to wear and makes them move less offering more security.