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Gearbox replicas of Split

ICS has always driven innovation and has always been his head CXP series. So today we find the CXP-UK1 series better known as Transform4 based on a new development of its gearbox Split and adding a whole new set of improvements, all of them in order to improve the feelings of the players.

In this series we find this model in long or short version and in two colors, black and tan.


Handguard KeyModx

MTR head and cocking lever

TMAG Charger H300 / L45


Gearbox Split EBB

Most qualitative difference from its competitors is undoubtedly its Gearbox Split EBB which combines everything learned with CXP and MX5 series with a brilliant design is the icing on this model

Electric BlowBack

Hop-Up cross regulation and 6.04 mm cannon


Those who find in any top of the range in the current market irreproachable in any case, with a great level of detail and finish. The design of the handguards, pistol grip and the butt distinguishes it from the M4 classic market.

The best we have seen on the market today. The gearbox Split EBB is something without what you do not know how you could be playing so far. The flexibility of changing the spring and automatic slack are some details that we had not found together in a marker so far.