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Tips for quick reloads

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The experience is a point, that is undeniable and there are people up as Travis Haley and Chris Costa who make an art of it. They are trainers in their courses prepare attendees shooting skills and combat tactics.

Today we bring you a video on fast recharging because this really is an aspect that can transport the world of airsoft, discuss their effectiveness on the different techniques that you use and especially if you are of those who preferred to remove and lose a charger or be eliminated but keep all their material with it.

LCT brings a great solution for a much faster and avoid quick reloads us to stay with her ass in the air for a long time as you change charger.

This is a pair of tweezers to join two chargers one charger and power change quickly. These clamps serve boots models: PK109 / PK111 / PK134 / PK135 / PK249 / PK250 / PK270 / PK271 / PK272 

In the following video you have several examples of how to get recharge faster with your AKs: