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What are the favorite gloves of the airsofters?

We know the importance of the gloves in airsoft so we finished the week with this great news as they have re-stock of such acclaimed American brand gloves Mechanix. It's rare not to see a lot of airsofters who rely on this brand in a game.

The Original® glove was set for the category of high-performance gloves over 20 years ago, but has become much more than a work glove for mechanical performance. It is the imprint or in this case, hand print, extends through a crowd from industrial safety applications to military and police enforcement

Over the years The Original has been transformed, through better materials to better use and comfort while remaining true to its heritage and design. There is more than it seems with the new tactical glove for military, police and lovers gloves.

Tight, touch, comfort, durability. he four characteristics that make the original glove a staple in the industry. Now with breathable TrekDry® forming in the back of their hands.

New original glove allows more airflow for a more comfortable fit cooled. The subtle integration of a nylon ribbon bow under each wrist allows you to pull the glove on quickly and save them when not used.