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The funniest bomb

You run, you cover, shoot, keep running, you get to the base to conquer, you enter and find an 8 kg bomb. What do you do?



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The first without a doubt you freak out, this is the effect that the Simulator bomb of Duel code generates distributing by SkwAirsoft.

This model now in version 3.0 is a programmable electronic device that simulates a chemical pump with different game modes for your airsoft games.

Sure, it's not just a dead weight, so we can set at different game modes available: Counterstrike, assault, domination, and explosive demo mode. So we use it in different objectives giving much more variety to our games.

Technical characteristics:

• The configuration of the simulator is via a keypad with digital display

• Made of aluminum, polycarbonate and ABS of high quality. Withstands impacts up to 2 joules

• Requires (not included) 12V battery lipo 11,1V

• External power 12V transformer (not included)

• Connection for smoke machine (optional smoke machine)

• USB programming port

• Volume Control 120db siren

• Switch off bubbles and light system for energy saving

• Motion Sensor to detonate the bomb or arm

• Mechanism depending on the game mode triggers a Thunder Grenade


• Weight without packaging: 8 kilos