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They create the Kryptek Tatooine honoring Skywalker, have you seen it?

With the release of the last film of Star Wars already started to see a lot of things related to this classic film series.

But of course, you're not going to talk about the usual merchandising but tactical gear inspired by the movie. No, Disney has not yet opened its tactical division, in this case has been Tydex Holsters who has launched this series of Kydex sheaths inspired by the movie.

We can find Millennium Falcon in ACU, or what they have called Kryptek Tatooine in honor of Luke Skywalker planet.

But it does not end there, also with holsters of Darth Vader, Tie Fighter, and even the logo of the Rebel Alliance. Although you may see a lightsaber in the picture below still no signs that they have taken out a case for this.

But Star Wars is not the only issue that inspires these customizers of holsters, have a look at the next picture and see how many references you are able to identify.