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The BO’s fastest AK

We bring you this  BO Manufacture replica under the brand "BO Dynamics": BO Dynamics AK PATRIOT Blow-Back".

It has the body of an AKM, the model of 1959 which, as you can imagine, is still developed. In this replica proposed by BO, we will find a tactical hand guard in fiber combining with the RIS on the superior part (and which cover part of the upper) and on the inferior part, with Keymod on both sides.

The model comes without flash suppressor as it includes already a tubular silencer without marks (following the austerity, characteristic of Izhmash).

Moreover, it includes a magazine of 7'62 of Lonex, a Flash mag with a capacity of 520 bbs and that we can feed it by hanging three times the rope on the inferior part. Under the replica, we can see the brand BO Dynamics.

They choose an ergonomic design to better the grip... If you have big hands! Even if we can say that if you have big arms, this replica may not be the best one for you!

One detail of quality: the stock. Similar lines of the crane stock even if UTG has simplified the design, reduced the profile and included a very comfortable cap and tether straps QD.

By removing the stock, we will find a cable of the stock tube, through a cable tray on the inferior part. A real success.

This model comes with: blowback, accurate barrel 6,03 mm, compatible with the BAW recoil system of Lonex, and a cadence just... amazing !! 1000 balls launched per minute with a divine sound. You have to try it!