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New APS Products - Quantum Mechanics Dash/Striker is coming in September

In the market, there are many choices of rifle hand guards. Some of them look fancy and some of them look clumsy. APS believe that "simple is the best", so we designed a new hand guard called Quantum Mechanics Dash (10") and Quantum Mechanics Striker (12.5").

APS want to make this new hand guard practical in use, therefore they used free float design, so customer could install the hand guard easily. It has built in Hand stop implied in the design, which give your support hand a low profile anchor point on the forend.

They believe mounting different accessories is essential, so they added KeyMod in the 3 sides of the hand guard. The top of the hand comes with Mil-Std 1913 Pictianny rail which fit most of the optics found in the market.

Last but not least, overall weight of Dash and Striker hand guard is just 200g and 250g, I am dare to say they are one of the most light weighted hand guard found in the market, as you know light weighted hand guard is the trend of modern weapon which improve mobility.

To conclude, APS always want to make product that is simple and practical. They don't want to make a product for display only. They want a product that is usable in the field. That's how Quantum Mechanism Hand Guards are made.