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The lastest APS... Red Dragon FMR MOD1 RB

Whether you're in the middle of a milsim event, a tour of IPSC or proof of '3 gun'. In essence it is the same, only the precision and care for these occasions is what people APS has spent 9 hard months of research and development. Not to fail.


Features of this ASR120 FMR MOD1 RB are:

1) Mix and Match Red / Black color parts

2) All areas not inherent to functionality have been milled out for reduced weight and aesthetics. (skeletonization)

3) Upper receiver is structurally cut to be as light weighted as possible, so you can see the painted gear box inside from its opening.

4) Tron Style Tube stock is used.

5) Colored trigger, button, barrel, magazine base cover

6) Stippled Grip

Those guns are precious Airsoft gun out of the ordinary. They are attractive and make you look cool during Airsoft Games

Caliber: 6mm BB
Inner barrel size: 6.04mm
Energy Source: 8.4v Ni-MH Battery
Silver Edge Gear Box Installed
8mm Bearing Bushings
Velocity: 280~410 FPS (Upon Request)
Canada Version 395 FPS @ 0.2g BB
Maximum Range: 80 Meters
Effective Range: 30 Meters
Fire Selector: Safe / Semi Auto / Full Auto
Metal Butt Stock, Nylon Fiber Pistol Grip and Magazine
Metal Body, Gear Box, KeyMod Hand Guard
Rate of Fire: 750 ~ 850 Rounds Per minute
Magazine Capacity : 300 Rounds
Weight: 3.8kg