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The New PTS Mega Arms MKM CQB (AR-15 GBBR) is coming soon! The PTS Mega Arms MKM CQB GBBR will include our latest stock - Enhanced Polymer Stock!


The PTS Mega Arms MKM CQB GBBR replicates the unique design of the Mega Arms MKM AR-15 platform. The Mega Arms MKM platform mates the rail with the billet receiver in a proprietary manner that makes it as rigid and sturdy as a monolithic (1 piece) upper yet remains extremely lightweight.

This design combined with PTS's precision engineering and faithfulness to realism makes this a very high quality and durable airsoft replica. This CQB model with its ultra-lightweight 9 inch Keymod compatible rail and 10.5 inch barrel is the perfect airsoft gun for handling in any confined space and close proximity combat environments.

The PTS Mega Arms MKM CQB standard equipment also includes our proprietary design PTS Enhanced Polymer Grip - Compact, Enhanced Polymer Magazine, and Enhanced Polymer Stock.


- Authentic licensed trademark Mega Arms engravings

- KSC/KWA derived proprietary GBB system.

- GBBR includes: 
* Aluminum Upper & Lower Receivers for greater balance and portability without sacrificing its durability.
* Ultra lightweight 9" Keymod Mount Rail compatible with all standard Keymod accessories.
* 10.5" CQB Length Barrel,
* EP Grip Compact (EPG-C) - More vertical compact grip angle with improved ergonomics
* EP Stock (EPS) - a simple yet highly functional collapsible polymer stock. Features unique cheek welds that are both comfortable and practical with storage compartments for tools and utilities.
* Mega Arms skeletonized trigger.
* Semi and Full Auto Fire Modes.


• Color - Black
• Dimension - 1036 x 248 x 83mm (w/ packaging)
• Weight - 2.68kg (w/o mag) / 3.2kg (w/ mag)
• Material - Aluminum Upper & Lower Receivers