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"If you need more than six shots don't bother, the other guy will have already eliminated you."

This could easily be a Clint Eastwood quote should he play airsoft. And not because he could say such a thing, but rather because any airsoft veteran may agree with it.

Just feel the weight of the revolver in your hand to imagine the power of the shot, and you will still need a couple of seconds to assimilate it after pulling the trigger. Indeed, this is a model built to impress and all you need is time to enjoy it.

If it's good enough for Chuck, it's good enough for us
The DW 715 is a revolver we have seen in the hands of many actors, but none like Chuck Norris on Code of Silence (1985) playing Chicago detective Eddie Cusack. Although he used the old school version with a wooden grip and without compensator under the barrel.

The brightness generated in this gun is due to its anodized chrome. Anodizing is a technique that achieves oxidation of aluminium that protects the metal and enhances the color. This colorization is stronger than paint as even if the material gets scratch, it retains the color, while with paint, color is lost exposing the original color.

Everything in place
Due to the strength of the model, the spring needs to be located at the end of the barrel as it pushes the inner barrel (of 140 mm, above the 131 of the Socom Mk23 or 110mm of the MP5K) back to hold it in place with the hop-up chamber and preventing it from dislodging when firing due to the power of the CO2.

Accessible hop-up
We are used to disassembling the slide to adjust the hop-up, a somewhat inconvenient system that makes some rookie airsofters avoid it, despite the results achieved! But this is a revolver, it does not have a slide and has a hop design accessible with an Allen key the top so that the hex nut pushes the nub directly against the rubber hop.