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HX24 Series // .38 SUPERCOMP

iWholesales're proud to introduce the the AW Custom™ HX24 .38 SUPERCOMP Race Pistol, the model in Armorer Work' growing range of competition race pistols.

The AW Custom™ Skunkworks team have meticulously engineered the shape of the slide and compensator, and carefully considered every groove, cut, and component resulting in a perfectly balanced race pistol with almost no muzzle rise whatsoever.

The HX24 features deep blade grooves in the slide to provide an aggressive gripping surface, as well as a heavily ported slide and compensator to reduce weight on the front-end, resulting in a pistol that is long but at the same time very light.

The HX24 does not have a heavy front-end due to weight-reducing barrel and compensator porting and sports a massive 166mm inner barrel. This gives this pistol both superior firepower and better accuracy than anything else in it's class.

You can feel the incredibly tight tolerances on fit and finish with this pistol in every shot you take.

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