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This video will make you want a RPD

The RPD was the predecessor of the RPK (hence the similar aspect), designed by Vasily Degtyaryov to replace the DPM, not the British camouflage but the soviet machine gun equipped with a silver magazine (that will make you think of the 2nd World War video games).

And after this History lesson: the reason of this article. Because you are still reading, aren’t you? And for you to not miss anything of this premise, LCT launched this RPD replica some time ago. A thing that made happy the "rusky lovers", the supports and all the airsofters…


What do we know about it? The necessary things: 1043mm of metal and wood, 7kg of authentic love, and the most important, signed by LCT, one of the most reknowed brands according with the AKs.

More details of this amazing replica in this video sent by LCT.