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AMOEBA Striker Sniper, AS-01

We are proud to announce that AMOEBA brand new Power Spring sniper, STRIKER (AS-01) is released.

The design concept of Striker is total new, the key features are :

  • Compact Power Spring Bolt (patent pending) : The total length of bolt is 30% shorter than tradition that improve the efficiency of loading

  • Load Indicator (patent pending) : To indicate the loading of blot and improve the safety from mis-shooting. This is first even in airsoft rifle.

  • Direct Feeding System : To reduce the jamming of ballet and easy for cleaning
  • Trigger Box Adjustment: Easy to fine tune the designated trigger distance and power of shooting

  • Changeable parts : The design is easy to change the upgrade parts on the body, handguard, pistol grip and others. 4 colors are available for choice.

  • Quick Spring Changing system : Easy to uninstall the bolt and change the spring

  • Spring compatibility : It is 100% compatible with standard AEG spring. Players can use their existing AEG to upgrade their designated power