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Top 5 Funniest Scenes from War Movies!


Ladies and Gentlemen, may we proudly present to you a list of 5 funny scenes from War Movies!

As we all know, war usually is brutal, sad, tragic, but even wars have sometimes funny moments. Laughter can help you overcome a lot of things, so comic scenes are  a pretty common type of scene in War Movies. No doubt in real wars and conflicts there are funny moments too- moments of light relief and happiness that make the horrors more bearable.

There are not many ways to relieve tension in warlike circumstances. And every soldier needs it to get through the dark days of combat and fighting. If soldiers do not have some laughter and light relief they become aggressive, angry and unpredictable. Laughter is good for morale too. Besides, when death is staring at you, sometimes all you can do is to smile back. Military humor can be very funny, so here you have a few examples of it!

1. Inglorious Basterds

There is no reason for introducing Enzo Gorlomi, Antonio Margheriti, and Dominick Decocco. Unless Hans Landa is somewhere around.

2. Pearl Harbor

Ben Affleck pays his price for flirting with the nurse. Though, two needle pricks in exchange for fulfilling his dreams and future dates with Kate Beckinsale was worthy of it, right?

3. 300

I guess every fan of “300” know this scene and laughs out loud as much as we did! The remarkable “fight in the shade.” And that crazy laugh of the Spartans…

4. Jarhead

United States Marines have some troubles with wearing gas masks. Sergeant Sykes says that they all are dead. A Sith Lord too. Why won’t they run around the desert with those masks then?

5. The Longest Day

Germans defending Normandy…with only two planes? Sure, why not. Perhaps that’s the reason for their failure.

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