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The Emdom/MM Dragster Strap

The Emdom/MM Dragster Strap is a design collaboration between Emdom USA and MM from www.militarymorons.com. The Dragster Strap is designed as an ultra compact emergency drag/utility strap system that is worn on a rigger’s belt, war belt, or armor carrier.



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Its primary purpose is to provide a readily available drag strap to be used by one or two people to assist in dragging a wounded or immobile person who is in immediate danger, a short distance to safety or cover.

Outside its intended design the Dragster Strap can be used as a general purpose strap, utilized for hauling/securing a load, assisting a person to ascend/descend a wall/obstacle, etc. Its lightweight and compact design allows it to be carried by anyone and deployed instantly when needed.

The system is designed to be used with one carabiner/snap link attached to the loop at each end of the strap. When deployed, one end is attached to the user’s rigger belt and the other end is attached to the person being dragged. Please see below for detailed instructions on proper application of the Dragster Strap.