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The current ghillie

EMERSON Lightweight Assault Ghillie

The ghillies are camouflage clothes to fade into the background. The inconvenience is that they hoard lots of heats and they can be very weighty.

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Nevertheless, clothes like them fit in a magazine pouch and can be put on in 1 minute (tested in game!).

It deals with a layer with a hood and sleeves generating a similar effect, in two pieces to let the shoulder part if, for example, we are wearing a backpack.

With that, we could wear our customary equipment and resort to this ghillie for missions and fading into the background.

But what does "ghillie" mean?

This Anglo-Saxon word refers to a type of clothing, coming from the Gaelic Scottish word ‘ghille’, where some young boys prohibited fishing and wild hunting in Scotland.

The first element known from the use of the ghillit suit is that it was worn by a WW2 military unit deployed by the British army sniper’s unit called Lovat Scouts.

In any case, during the WW1, soldiers used materials adapting them to their uniforms and fading easily into the background.