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Introducing AW Custom™ K00 Series Pistol - K00001

From the depths of AW Custom's skunkworks division far, far away, AW Custom™ is proud to announce the Limited Edition K00 Series Pistol Kits!

With the AW Custom™ K00 Series Pistol kits you'll finally be able to answer the question, 'who shot first?'. For those that want to use the force the pistol itself also features both single shot and fully automatic firing modes.

AW Custom™K00 Series Pistol

The K00 Series Pistol features pre-drilled holes for mounting the custom made K00 Series scope kits. The reticle on the non-magnifying scope on the right side of the pistol kit will help you to perform a quick aim one-handed, and the old german machine-gun style flash hider provides the pistol with the excellent weight distribution to keep the pistol perfectly balanced in the hand.


CNC finished aluminum alloy construction

Futuristic and historical fusion design

Pre-drilled holes for installing the scope mount for the original non-magnifying scope

Old german machine-gun style flash hider gives the pistol kits excellent weight distribution

Adjustable rear 500 yard tangent sights

Crisp single shot gas blow back cycling and blisteringly fast full auto action

Imitation wood pistol grips

Functional thumb safety


Box Length: 337mm
Box Width:175mm
Box Height: 55mm
Package Gross Weight: 1304.5g
Pistol Length: 271mm
Pistol Height: 151mm
Pistol Weight (No Mag): 753.0g
Magazine Weight: 336.8g
Inner Barrel Length: 166mm
Muzzle Velocity:350-390 FPS