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The future of the multicam? It must be the Kryptek!

In Kryptek, we can already find everything : uniforms, vests, accessories, car seats, handbags…  There is no limit.

What do you think of this bag-uniform?


And it was not a lie: the Kryptek seat and as they said… “This camo is well suited to everything”.

We have appreciated the cover Kryptek. It is really amazing and reminds us Frodo when he hides himself from the East soldiers. :-)

The Multicam phenomenon gets a huge success in airsoft, like a tropical storm, a F18 flying razing the ground... And this pattern has won the players’ uniforms on the fields. But did the storm subside ?

The camouflage patterns Kryptek are about to follow the Multicam paths. And sincerely, this is a promising thing that they are offering distinct colors…