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New surprises from LCT

The airsoft lives on tendencies; we can see it constantly on the market. When a new product becomes trendy, we can see it everywhere. An example is the multicam which, when it was popularized in airsoft, could be found in each type of tactical gear, replicas…

The Keymod has an advantage on the classical RIS: we can adapt the same quantity of complements without having to charge with heavy hand guards. It doesn’t have RIS but a range of holes.

The new Keymod of LCT will come in 13.5” and 9.5”. The new Keymod of this brand will be called LTS Keymod. And the AK-specialized brand has other surprises for you.

The new stock PK-308 LTS avoids problems in relation with the batteries. This stock has 3 different spaces to place the battery according to which battery we will use.

What do you think? Did you try it? And you, which system do you prefer?