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New Phantom Extremis Rifle (PER) is coming

After 2 years of research and development, APS proudly introduce two latest rifles that come with quick change spring design – Phantom Extremis MK1 and Phantom Extremis MK2 available in Dec 2016

Phantom Extremis Rifle Mark I for 10” hand guard

Phantom Extremis Rifle Mark II for 12.5” hand guard

Phantom Extremis Rifle (PERR) Extremis is a tactical rifle that built for the user. It is a light weighted rifle with cyber looking that comes with the following cool features:

1) New Stylish Flash Hider (ICEFYRE Muzzle Break)

2) Slim and light weighted KeyMod Hand Guard with Hand Stop implied in the design, which give your support hand a low profile anchor point on the forend. – (Phantom Dash 10” / Phantom-Striker 12.5”)

3) New Phantom Low Profile Back Up Sight LP BUS (Brand New Design)

4) New Spaceship look alike upper and lower receiver with quick change spring features, user can simply remove the buffer tube and reach the gearbox’s spring guide to do spring replacement.

5) New pistol grip (Phantom Overload) that pre-installed with Non-Slip EVA plastic in the front and rear increase the comfort of holding it. This pistol grip has shock absorption deign in the interior that reduce the vibration generated from the start up of the motor, thus relatively improve the motor performance and significantly reduce the battery loading to 10.5 Ampere.

6) New Blow Release Catch (Phantom Bolt Release)

7) New Ambi Magazine Release Catch on both sides (Phantom Ambi Mags Release)

8) New Ambi Fire Selector on both sides (Phantom Long/Short Throw Safety Selector)

9) New Ambi Charging Handle (Phantom Combat Ambi Charging Handle)

10) Flat Trigger (Enhance Control and lighter perceived weight)

11) RS-1 Stock installed (R Series Type 1 stock)

12) Use Lid & Tray Box Packaging with digital user manual (elegant)

To conclude, APS New Phantom Extremis Rifle (PER) is a future weapon for Airsoft friends. Its appearance looks sci-fi, the design of the body receiver is coming from the idea of a spaceship. We put all the advance features like Ambi switches and button for the players. As quick change spring Silver Edge Gear Box is highly reputed in the market, this PER rifle make full use of quick change spring function that benefits the user. We strongly believe this rifle will dominate the market in 2017.