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Top 10 Modern Assault Rifles in the World 2016

These are the top 10 modern assault rifles in the world as of 2016, according to VSB Military.


Tenth on the list is the 2009 Ceska Zbrojovka CZ805 BREN, with a length of 910mm, a barrel length of 360mm, and total weight of 3.6 kg, this Czech assault rifle was made to replace the Sa vz. 58 in the Czech Republic’s Armed Forces. It is a modular, multi-caliber rifle with quick-change barrels, so that users can change calibers and barrel lengths right away.


Next is the 2010 NSG-85. With a length of 1225mm, a barrel length of 600mm and a weight of 4.25kg, this new Chinese military sniper is an all-modern weapon that features tactical accessories and features – all as a part of China’s move towards modernizing its armed forces.


The 2011 SIG SG 716, which has a 871mm length, a 406mm barrel and a weight of 3.58kg is a Swiss gas-operated rifle that uses NATO rifle cartridges. The SG716 comes in four major production forms, defined by the length of the barrel and tactical role.


Next, the 2011 HK M27 IAR that is 940mm long, with a barrel of 420mm, weighing 3.60kg, which is a lightweight, magazine-fed rifle used primarily by the US Marine Corps. Based on the HK416, this rifle was designed for improved maneuverability.


The 2011 L129A1 Sharpshooter Rifle, measuring 900-990mm in length, with a 406mm barrel and a weight of 4.50 kg, was created for the UK Ministry of Defence. It is still widely used by the British armed forces, and is an advanced weapon that is capable of carrying highly advanced technologies.


Next on the list is the 2011 Remington M2010 ESR. With a length of 1180mm, a barrel measuring 558mm and a weight of 5.50 kg, this is an enhanced sniper rifle (ESR) developed specifically for the US Army to replace the existing M24 rifles. It was designed to add a more effective range for snipers in mountains and desert terrains.


The 2012 Lithgow/Thales F90, measuring 700mm, with a barrel at 407mm and a total weight of 3.25kg, was based on the Australian Steyr AUG bullpup guns. Exported from the Land Down Under, the F90 is lightweight, reliable and very accurate, with a grenade launcher.


In the top three is the 2014 MKEK MPT-76, measuring 920mm long, with a 410mm barrel and 3.20kg weight. A modular rifle, this was designed for the Turkish Armed Forces and was made to withstand any weather conditions, and is able to function in either extreme hot or cold temperatures without sacrificing performance.


Second is the famed 2014 Kalashnikov AK-12, measuring 945mm long, with a 415mm barrel and 3.30kg weight. The newest design from the famous Russian AK-pattern assault rifles, the AK-12 is lighter, with better recoil control, a folding stock, adjustable parts and made for ambidextrous use, while maintaining the firepower AK rifles are known for.


Topping the list at number one is the 2015 MSBS-5.56 Radon, measuring 980mm long, a 406mm barrel and a weight of 3.70 kg. Currently under development as the service rifle of the Polish Army, this rifle has a bullpup version and a standard version with a folding stock. Both are modular, and can be transformed into a carbine, sniper rifle or light machine gun.