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Who is the real manufacturer of EmersonGear?

We believe there are most of you are confused by EmersonGear and YZH, they have received inquiries about asking that if YHZ is the distributor of EmersonGear, as you might have noticed that our website is www.yzh.hk and their emails are ends by @yzh.hk, that they had to explain several times. So today let’s make a list of FAQ and try to answer these doubts.

Is YZH a distributor of EmersonGear?

No! YZH is the authentic original manufacturer of EmersonGear, they are located in Guangzhou, China.

Then what’s the exact difference between EmersonGear and YZH?

Well, EmersonGear (with the skull as image) is the registered brand and YZH is the company name and the manufacturer of it. YZH is like mother and EmersonGear is like the son.

What does YZH mean?

Good question as it doesn’t mean anything in English. YZH is the first Pinyin of the company name, 野战行 Ye Zhan Hang, means Skirmish Trading.

Why don’t you use www.emersongear.com as domain name?

Yes, this domain name will clarify the brand and company, and much easier for EmersonGear Users and Clients to find them. They own this domain name and is under construction now, when she is ready to publish, YZH will make official notice to all of you, so please keep in touch.

Why there is not a contact information on www.yzh.hk ?

There are several factors made them not to leave any contact, that’s a have-to decision.

1, if they leave contacts, there will be so many individual players want to get gears directly from them but YZH do only wholesale, they have authorized dealers that they recommend our EmersonGear Users to go to them;

2, and of course there will be limitless harassment of promotions and spams with any methods;

3, but most reason is that tactical gears are sensitive in China and they don’t want any unnecessary troubles.

YZH know that it’s inconvenience for their users and clients find us and not benefited for marketing, but for some time they still have to go like this. And also that’s why they have writing this post that in hope to clarify and make it easier for our users and clients to find us.