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AK-47 is celebrating its 70th anniversary!

LCT Airsoft is preparing a surprise for all the AK-47 lovers of the Vietnam War. They are going to produce limited units of the AK-47 and the AK-47S for the 70th anniversary of the rifle. A great news, isn’t it?

The Avtomat Kalashnikova model 1947 has been the assault rifle used by the North Vietnamese troops. Some reports about the Vietnam War states that the US soldiers abandoned their M16 for the North Vietnamese ones, due to the jamming of their weapons (M16A1 model). This weapon was very short and facilitated the operations in the jungle.

The North Vietnamese doctrine did not require ranged combat, but 100 or 50 meter assaults, or even less, to disadvantage the occidental rifle firings. Even if they were more modern, they were less efficient on the battlefield.

AK-47’s versions

-AK-47 1948–51, 7,62 x 39 - The essential pieces of the breech of the type 1 first models were made of steel. Today, they are very rare.

-AK-47 1952, 7,62 x 39 - It is composed of steel and laminated wood pieces, for more resistance to corrosion. It weighs about 4,2 kg.

-AK-47S - Version with folding stock, such as the MP40 German model, dedicated to be used on Soviet infantry combat vehicles BMP and parachutists.