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Ghosts of Time: 39 Incredible Then & Now WWII Pictures

Omaha Beach, 1944-2015

Bomber Command

This haunting collection of images takes us on a journey across the years, combining historical photographs with their modern-day settings.

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US troops inspect a Knocked-out German 4.7 cm PaK(t) auf Panzerkampfwagen 35R(f) self-propelled gun, near Le Molay-Littry, France 20 June 1944 -2015

A knocked out Sherman tank,Villiers Bocage June 1944 – 2015

New arrivals: In the days and weeks following D-Day,more US troops arrive on Utah beach 1944 – 2015

Passing through: Members of the 101st airborne passing through Sainte Marie du Mont June 1944 – 2015

Joyful greetings: US troops move inland through Colleville sur Mer June 1944 – 2015

A French civilian takes time to chat to a US soldier, Mont Saint Michel 1944 – 2015

Men of the Durham Light Infantry, 49th (West Riding) Division alongside a knocked-out German Tiger tank from the 3rd Company of SS Heavy Tank Battalion in Rauray, during Operation ‘Epsom’, 28 June 1944 – 2015

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